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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To Do Lists or TDL's

We all live by "to do lists." Many of us have TDL's that multiply or are endless or both. As we prepare for this endeavor we review our TDL's, cross off items and add items. It does feel good to have some of the larger and more challenging items crossed off.  Currently, I am procrastinating studying for the General license. This is needed to talk on the SSB which is important for us as we want to be a part of the various nets that are available. We studied for a few weeks and passed the Technician part but we are stumbling over the General. I feel resentful when there are so many other things I would rather be doing than study for this exam but it is a necessary evil.
I can't wait to cross that off our list! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


We had many challenges in Port Townsend. The people we hired to work on our boat let us down beyond words. We finally got our girl back in the water in the winter and took her back to Port Ludlow. We then were busy showing and then selling the house. Once the dust settled, we took her to Seattle where she is at CSR. We are comforted to know that she is in good, kind hands who will finish and clean up the work that was supposed to be done. I don't want to spend anymore negative energy on that topic.
As we anxiously wait to get her back, we are busy with more sorting, studying for the General license, parenting, and planning.
We continue to be blessed with the support of so many friends who we could not have achieved so many milestones without their support.


After the unfortunate events of Rebel Heart, much discussion about choices many us make to live a life aboard in various capacities. The judgement of people, often harsh at times, is unnecessary. I understand debating scenarios-we all do it. I just took offense as many of us did of people blindly judging decisions that we all make without know the amount of time, energy, education and thought we put into achieving these accomplishments. The choices we make to move aboard and sail away are not all whimsical. We have planned, strategies and over thought many aspects of our adventure. We have tried to account for as many issues and contingencies as possible. We have read, watched videos and discussed how we would handle various situations. We know that it is not the same as "doing. " This is just part of the prep.
We whole heartedly support Rebel Hearty and their crew. Every family, whether sailing or not, make choices that we hope are the right ones for our families. It might not be a choice that you would chose but that doesn't make it wrong.


Many of us have transitions that we deal with daily. Some are small ones like going from home to work, or home to school which we do without hesitation-well mostly. Sometimes we experience larger life transitions which can equate to change. Change means uncertainty.
For us, we sold our home of almost 11 years and closed at the end of February. We sold most of our furniture and farmed out the rest to our awesome friends until we come back. We moved into a fully furnished rental about 4 miles away. This was a difficult transition for Journey, who at 12 years old, had to give up the only home she knew, give her guinea pig away as well as getting rid of her many life long posessions. Milly, the guinea pig went to dear friends and their boys who are enjoying their new pet. Trying to maintain some sense of normalcy is a challenge when we are packing, moving, working, parenting, and trying to still have routine.
Journey has rose to the occasion after a period of adjustment, thankfully. We have also transitioned to our "new home" which we will be in until the end of May. The Beach Cottage as we call it, is serving as a staging area. The endless sorting of things that are going versus things that stay behind. Trying to make time to study for our General license for the Ham radio is also peppered in the list of things we are trying to do.
I look forward to not having to multi task to this level. Our lists have lists but it is part of the process.