Journey's Blog

Saturday, August 2, 2014

48 Hours

Early in the morning, before the creaking of floor boards that signify awakening on board, I find the time to reflect. It has been a whirlwind over the last few weeks. Final stages of packing and planning. Both are never really quite done but constantly amended. Fluidity is a necessity. We find we wish we had more time to just hang out with our dear friends but boat projects keep us occupied. We had a lovely Bon Voyage and were overwhelmed at the sea of faces that came to bid us farewell. I look forward to having some time to download so many pictures from the past month to share so stay tuned. Countdown is winding down!

19 Days and Counting

Less then 3 weeks to go. I placed the last container of clothes today on the boat. Yes, we already know that we overpacked and will probably be unloading "stuff" along the way. We have completed one shakedown breakdown cruise which led to an oil leak, saltwater leak, and a broken spreader light.  Such is life on a boat-perpetual fixing in exchange for amazing opportunities. During our week away, we went on some great hikes, met some lovely people, read some books, played some games, and watched Orca whales breach in front of us while on the dinghy. No complaints.
Over the next several weeks, we are completing logistical details. We moved out of storage and our lovely friend is storing our possessions while we are gone. We continue to bounce between staying with dear friends and the boat while we move aboard, and lean on our friends in our community for support.
 There aren't enough words to express how blessed we feel with the support we have been given. This process has brought us to our knees on many of occasions but we have been lifted by our community which many we consider more "family" then friends.
We can only hope we have visitors to come and play with us!