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Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Travels

We decided in April 2015 while we were in La Cruz, MX that we would not be spending the summer in the Sea of Cortez as we originally planned.  The temperature was heating up and we were imagining a summer of sweltering heat, exhaustion from the heat and extreme grumpiness-all those do not make for a recipe of fun in our book. So we decided to get an RV. We spent many hours looking on line when we had decent wifi and figured Phoenix would be our best bet as there are so many RV's available. We then decided what type we wanted-a Class A which is a motorhome. We also knew we would need a tow car or dinghy. The list when on and on for what we might want and within our price range there seemed to be options.
After hauling out in San Carlos in early June, we went to Phoenix for 10 days. In that time we bought a 34 ft motorhome and a car. We also celebrated Journey's 14th birthday and got to visit with some of John's friends who he hadn't seen in 20 years. We then drove the motorhome back to MX to unload the boat of food, clothes and other items that we would need. We stayed in MX for about 4 days before driving back to Phoenix to pick up our car and head out to the open road.
We quickly acclimated to the motorhome which is a Damon Intruder therefore we aptly name him "Matt." We loved the freedom and ease to go anywhere and not worry about weather and sea state. It is just plain easy. We learned to RV terminology such as "boon docking" which is when you dry camp. We learned to stay at Walmart parking lots when traveling and quickly developed a rhythm for setting up and storing items quickly to get on the road.

 Matt, our 34 foot Damon Intruder
Canyon Lands NP (middle picture), The Narrows at Zion
We have enjoyed many of the National Parks such as Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyon lands, and Acadia. We have been able to spend time with family and friends in different parts of the States and show our daughter the beauty in our own country. We will return to MX in the fall for another year of cruising but for now we are enjoying our own country and all the wonder it offers.