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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Over the last month we have started the task of "moving aboard." Since Namaste had been hauled out for a year and half and stripped of just about everything on board, we had to clean and then begin to move on board. As we started to bring cart after cart, watching the water line sink (we did raise it 4 inches), we also noted a very obvious lean to starboard. Initially, we weren't even thinking about how much we had packed and to what side it all was packed on. We were myopic, just packing everything away. John was actually quite organized in cataloguing all the spare parts and tools, then methodically placing items in containers and noting the contents and placement on a chart. Painstaking but efficient. Back to our listing problem. Once we noted that we were listing to starboard and the reasoning behind it (not balancing the boat when packing), we unpacked and repacked with more mindfulness to the process.
One evening, John was looking in a drawer that contains galley items such as baking supplies and he noted a large container of rainbow sprinkles. John immediately called attention to this oversize container and how we must be more mindful of boat balancing and  the Rainbow sprinkle container was not helping. After a brief pause, we all just laughed at how ridiculous he was and enjoyed some levity.


  1. John's right. I wouldn't even think about heading south on a boat that has the rainbow sprinkles stowed on the wrong side. That's like Cruising 101.

  2. Oh my, so is the boat balanced now? Fun reading. I can just imagine it.