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Monday, September 15, 2014


There are new rhythms that we have had to develop as we acclimate to our life as "cruisers." John and  I had a great start when we left Port Angeles, Wa. to Bodega Bay, Ca. We had to work together to maintain our day to day life on the boat. Journey joined us in Bodega Bay to SF, a two day jaunt which took all of us a bit of time to get our dance together. Journey can be a great crew member on the boat and once she joined us, we couldn't believe how we were able to get on without her for those 2 weeks that she was visiting friends.
While we have been in Berkeley, Ca., we have been removed from our "cruising" rhythm as we have been staying with family and visiting the boat every few days. We are having so much fun visiting and playing with cousins and friends.
At a certain point, I had to break the news to Journey that we had to start school. Another rhythm we had to start. The first day was a bit rough for both of us but I am so proud of Journey and her ability to take on her independence with school work among other tasks.
Just as we were developing this new rhythm, I had a great surprise one day. My mom flew in from Connecticut! We were so happy to see her and spend a bit of time with her.
So what about our rhythms? Well, this is cruising. Losing the rigidity and structure of land life in exchange for flexibility. It is a struggle for me at this moment but can only hope as I go through this process that the idea of rhythm will be related to playing the ukelele.

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  1. Oh hi Journey and Cindy, Uhmmm, school work. What are the possibilities of charting the weather and recording, wind velocity, temperature, sunshine periods, sea life, any debris (Japan down to Australia are trying to clean the waters as the starfish are suffering and eating the coral). I hope that the coral colors are not really being bleached as reported recently by some group like National Geographic. Keep us posted. Again, may the winds sail with verve. Okay, Journey, what is verve? :)