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Friday, November 28, 2014

Heading South

As we repack the boat, re check our spares, re-provision, download movies, and do laundry to get ready for the next big leg of our adventure, Baja, Mexico. We plan on leaving San Diego and will sail 70nm to Encenada where we will check into Mexico. We have been staying at the south end of San Diego Bay in Chula Vista. Although it is a bit out of town, we have had the good fortune of borrowing a car from dear friends (thank you Skeeter and John) which allowed us to accomplish more than we would have thought and in less time. We also shared Thanksgiving with Skeeter and family which was lovely to have a last "traditional" dinner for awhile.
We are buddy boating with a few other boats, sv The Red Thread out of Seattle and a few Canadian boats as well. We will sail 750nm down the Pacific Baja and tuck into the Sea of Cortez. We do not have a final "destination" as we will wander around in search of warm water and fun.
Journey continues to be an invaluable crew member. She not only manages boating chores but is often thinking of options when we are frustrated or is able to handle her parent's tense moments and come through laughing.
We have loved the trip down the West Coast, we have explored so many communities that we haven't been too and really liked. We enjoyed southern California more than we thought we would and have found that people have been so kind and generous towards us.
We are looking forward to the next part of our journey and will share stories as we can.


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