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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Our original plan was to cruise for 2 years and then reassess. Well, reassessment time came and we decided to go home. The best reason and the main reason is for Journey. I can only relay her feelings, but she has told us that while she loves traveling and cruising, she wants to go to school.
Journey has big plans for herself and we support her 100%. Part of her plan is going to High School, meet new friends, get involved in her new school, and then a gap year. Being a sailor, we know that plans are written in sand but this is our "now".
We did put the boat for sale while we were in La Paz and had over half a dozen people look at the boat but no "real" offers. Our options then were as follows:
1. Bash back to Seattle
2. Sail back to San Carlos and leave Namaste on the "hard" for the next few years.
3. Hire a captain to Bash back
4. Ship Namaste home
 Option #1 was kicked out as the possibilities as we just don't have the time nor the inclination to Bash. ***(The Bash is bringing your boat around Cabo and taking it the few thousand miles north against the wind and seas.)
Option #3 was an option and we looked into how this could be done. We have dear friends who offered to sail her north for a reasonable fee and so this was an option on the table. The cons with this was that the ride North can be very difficult for the boat (and crew) which can translate into things breaking which equates to $$$.
Option #2 we waxed and waned with as it is super inexpensive (~160USD/mo) to keep the boat on the hard (land). San Carlos is out of the Hurricane belt but basically the boat would be sitting in the desert for several years drying out. That means gaskets on engines and other fittings would dry out, and the constant UV exposure takes a toll on the hull.
Option #4 seemed like the best except for the financial piece. There are two companies that ship out of La Paz and we got quotes for both. One quote for 20kUSD and another for 18kUSD.
This was not in our budget so we went between Option 2 and 3 with the hope that she would sell and then a whole set of different logistics would evolve.
So back and forth, mental gymnastics as we wrestled with the options. This underlying layer of stress was at times difficult to deal with as we are not good with just throwing things to the wind and seeing what the universe gives back to us (insert control freaks).
We continued to explore all the options and then we were told about a group of boats going together on a ship and we were given their contact information. We were able to contact them and we were able to be a part of the "group" to get a better rate. Once we got our final quote which was at a considerable discount but still $$, we made our decision to ship.
Deep breathe, we committed (sent in the $$) for shipping. So shipping a boat....A large tanker/container boat drops anchor out in the bay (the boat starts it journey in Florida, through the Panama Canal, Costa Rica, and then La Paz picking up cargo (yachts) as it sails. The ship has large cranes that they position over the side of the boat where you then bring your boat next to the tanker. They drop slings and the crew essentially take over the boat while you jump off into a panga that whisks you to shore. We know this to be true as John assisted friends of ours who loaded their boat  on the April ship. We don't know when the boat will be in La Paz-just approximate dates.
So what to do in the meantime...take off and sail for a few weeks, our last hoorah in Mexico.
Here are a few pics from Guatemala since I don't have any pictures of shipping the boat just yet.
Hiking Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Finding the comforts of home in Antigua, Guatemala


  1. Hey guys, we've enjoyed the abridged version of your adventures of the past few months. I'm glad you got to sample the Guatemalan highlands. Glad you're keeping Namaste. Good to hear you've got a young woman in your grew with ambition and goals and an eagerness to move forward. We're sure Journey will succeed on whatever path she chooses. Kudos to you guys for supporting her, that's all we can do. We're waiting for our girls to assert themselves thusly, and just trying to pack in life and experiences in the meantime. Keep in touch and hello to Norma and Christian for us. Love, the DV crew.

    1. Enjoy the cruising season and we can't wait to hear of your travels and where they may take you. We just said good bye to Norma and Christian-one of the hardest goodbyes!

  2. Wow! So many adventures you have had and many more to come I'm sure. Selfishly I can't wait to see you guys and hear more stories in person! If you get home before memorial day weekend, you know where to find us!
    Lauri & Marty

  3. Aw, happy for you guys for doing right by Journey (what a lucky freakin' kid she is to have parents like you guys!!!), but sad at the same time to no longer be able to live vicariously through you guys! What AMAZING adventures you've had. A lifetime of memories in just two years -- more than most people will experience in 80 years of living. Kudos to you all. Something tells me though that down the road, when Journey is off to college, or off to the University of Life in some far-flung location, that you two will be nomads again! Fair winds and following seas, you total badasses!