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Friday, July 1, 2016

Almost Home                June 2016

Our sun kissed tans are fading back to white. We started wearing pants and socks as we are now in the Pacific North West. We have had moments of wanting to turn around and head back to warmer weather but we all know that this move will be good so we continue to push north. We had a great visit with family in the Bay area. We spent 6 weeks with them 2 years ago on the way south and now we were able to reconnect. We also stopped by and spent some time with friends who returned a few months ago to “normal.” It was a great debriefing visit for the adults and since our kids are the same age, it gave them a chance to connect with a peer who they can relate to on a different level (
We have less silent time and we all talk more about what we left behind and what our future might look like. We have enjoyed 8 more National Parks (my hat is heavy with all the pins)! 
We have 2 weeks left of our road trip to home. Namaste is safely tucked in Port Angeles. She made the trip via cargo ship in 7 days and without difficulty. We appreciate beyond words the help and support from our cruising community who helped her load onto the ship in La Paz in our absence and again disembark in Victoria, clear customs, and sail her the 20 miles across the Straits of Juan de Fuca to PA, Wa.

We look forward to reconnecting with our former community-to our friends that supported us prior to our trip and to catch up. 

It actually was snowing at Crater Lake!

Flying kites in Long Beach, WA.

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