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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Water Maker

After several long days at the Seattle Boat Show, we came to some decisions which equates to money-usually big money. We decided on the Cape Horn Watermaker by Spectra after exhaustive research.  We took delivery on a cold and blustery day in Port Townsend but we are looking forward to putting all the pieces together. Another big step towards our adventure. We have purchased an asymmetrical spinnaker, new oven, fans, fridge, inverter/battery charger so far this year and it is only February!

Larry from Emerald Harbor Marine delivering our new Cape Horn Water Maker by Spectra.

John and Cody (Sound Maintence) inspecting the box.

Lots of parts.

Ferrying the pieces. It takes a village.

The weekly scrubbings of the bottom that John has tirelessly done to prepare for glassing.

Through the winter cold the scrubbings would continue.

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