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Monday, May 13, 2013

Change of Plans (for now)

So the best plans...well let's just say we have had to amend our plans or at least our push off date. We were moving forward ticking off items on our list when we ran into a snafu. We hauled out as planned but did not plan on BOATPOX!!! For those not in the know, Boatpox are blisters that form on the hull due to water seeping into the layers of fiberglass. Although many boats get blisters, when it proliferates it becomes problematic in epic proportions. So we faced some big decisions. We decided to have the bottom peeled (twice) and let her dry out. This was going to cost quite a bit so we have delayed our trip to Summer of 2014. We hauled out in April, it is now the end of November and we are hopeful she will be dry enough come the spring for her to receive a new bottom.
In the meantime, the good news is that we have been able to chip away at the many other looming projects. The engine was taken out, new transmission, overhauled, painted and new mounts put in. The engine is now back in the boat-progress. We completed # 1,2,3,4,7, and 10 of our list. Progress is being made albeit slowly.
We are also trying to ready our home to either sell or rent so we have had to add a few projects to the list such as painting some interior wall, remodel a bathroom, new carpet in our loft and de-clutter.
I often think when I am reading the magazines or books of cruisers who will write "Just do it. Leave now." Those words are too simplistic for the amount of work, effort and planning that goes into cruising. Many people have different thresholds and may be able to do things simpler and do with less-I respect that, but I know my limitations and I know there are some creature comforts and safety features we feel are necessary.
Well it looks like we will be at the boat show again this year, cruising water makers for final purchase, a new oven an SSB and a few other tidbits so stay tuned.

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