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Friday, November 1, 2013

2 Steps Forward, 10 Steps Back!

John has pain stakingly placed the water maker in its rightful place under the port side settee. I wish this was easily done as I just typed it but anyone with a boat knows differently. This was accomplished with   removal of hoses/ac/heater unit to make room followed by cleaning, painting, retrofitting platforms for mounting. Of course there were a few other deviations along the way ie. multiple phone calls, curse words, and discussions) but making progress. Simultaneously, mast projects are under with Fast Track install completed, mast steps, completed but riveting and sealing up 96 holes was an unexpected side bar from removal of storm track.
The bottom is dry and we are waiting for the bottom job to get underway. We are perpetually frustrated with the slow movement of those we have hired to work on our boat. It causes huge amounts of frustration on our part and unnecessary stress-this subject will be continued.
We do have the house up for sale and I have started selling many items to clear things out-that feels good!
We have had multiple "issues" arise which derails us minimally but it does take a toll. Planning to leave land life when one is fully hooked in is a major undertaking as anyone who has done it can tell you. This doesn't happen without an amazing amount of hard work by everyone in the family and with the support of friends to keep us sane.

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