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Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Is Upon Us

Although we had the most amazing summer weather wise in the PNW, it is hard not to feel the least bit bitter that we were hauled out through it all. My heart was heavy on so many days as the warm breeze would kick up, the sparkle of the water shimmering, and the knowledge that I could not be out there sailing. On the other hand, I would tell myself that this is part of the "sacrifice" that goes along with "The Dream." Work finally started on the boat by our workers probably around August or at least part of the work. The bottom started to get glassed over-at first we would see one or two panels applied, then over the weeks a few more. Fast forward to September and the first few coats of barrier coating have been applied. We actually look like we have a bottom and when we are in the boat we no longer can see the light coming through the hull. Progress. John has installed my new Dickenson Mediterranean 3 burner propane stove. I can not wait to use it! Our engine guys (I think we have gone through a few at this point, promise work will start next week. Our electrical guy came back from his vacation and has started his work again albeit slowly. We have been told that the mast and arch should be ready next week....I will not hold my breath.
Our house is still for sale and I have been busy trying to post and sell as much as I can. I am going to gear up for after Christmas to start the major sell off. Again, the ability to logistically pull off this type of dream is quite extensive.
Journey started 7th grade at our local public school and has made the transition well. This gives her the opportunity for a great experience at something different, gives me a little break too as we will embark on boat schooling next year.
Of course I have been reading countless blogs, mostly by moms who boatschool, trying to figure out what to do. I know I will not use a traditional curriculum like Calvert which we did for 4 years. I was pleased with the curriculum boat I know it will not work for us while we travel. I am thinking of doing a bit of "non schooling" which is quite a change for me. Typically, I am a traditionalist, type A sort of person and firmly believe in structure but I am also a realist and our adventure will require flexibility. I value the education of travelling and all the opportunities it will offer Journey so I have faith that she will have an incredible experiential education.

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