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Monday, July 8, 2013


Summer 2013 is here and we are still hauled out. The hull is dry, work is at a snail's pace. The mast and arch are still down and little word on their progress too. When we ask the folks hired for these tasks the response we get is generally reassuring that all is going to plan. John and I can't quite figure out whose plan are they speaking about because we were to be in the water a few months ago. The level of discouragement has run deep and daily discussions talking John off the preverbial cliff has become a part of daily life. John is working full time at his job, spending hours after work and on weekends doing various boat projects and making as much progress as he can. Our "experts" or "professionals" have been less than desirable to work with. This saddens us because we find it difficult to maintain positive attitudes when progress is not being made. Every week we are told that something will be done and yet every week there is no work that has been done. Recently, there was some signs that work had started on the boat but then it stopped! We have talked and talked to these workers but it is what it is. Many around us at the boat yard have experienced this too so comisurating can feel validating.
We try not dwell on it and maintain the stand that it will get done. We can only hope.

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