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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It no longer amazes me how excited we get over small victories such as new thru hulls. Of course we had the debate plastic over bronze. Ground them all together or separate. One decision leads to an algorithm of options-in the end you make a decision and hope for the best. I credit John for the unrelenting amount of research, the painstaking decision making and physical work he did on the boat day in and day out! I busied myself with the tasks of Journey's schedule, social affairs, clearing/selling all out "stuff",  and cheerleader on John's "down" days.
We definitely had some dark times, questioning our decision to "dump" money, time, and energy into this dream but no matter how dark and drained we were, we still came up with a resounding "yes".  So it is official, we are insane because no reasonable person or couple would do this. As Robert Frost once wrote, The road less travelled....

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  1. Hey, just stumbled across your blog. We are over on Whidbey Island and just bought our boat last month. Look forward to reading about your continuing reno as we are tackling our own. Would love to see some pics of your boat.