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Friday, December 26, 2014

December 26, 2014

We are in San Jose del Cabo waiting for a weather window for us to travel north in the Sea of Cortez towards La Paz about 120nm. In winter, strong northerly winds blow down the Sea and create challenging seas so planning is important. There are a few anchorages along the way to break up the journey if weather and seas create a challenge. We just survived our first Christmas away from "home." I will admit that I underestimated the impact on Journey. I also had thought we would be further along in our trip, settled somewhere so I could shop for some gifts and plan a nice day. We did decorate the boat and we are at a marina but Journey really missed being "home".
Sometimes the lessons we are learning on this voyage are very difficult. The concept of change for example. There is a reason people do not like change, it is hard. With that said, opportunity can also come from change. We spent Christmas Eve with 2 other boats, sv KiaLoa and mv Adagio. We had a great evening and then spent Christmas day playing at the beach.
 Playing on the beach with Kevin and Cindy from mv Adagio.
 Christmas eve aboard mv Adagio.
Christmas Day at the beach. All photos by mv Adagio