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Friday, December 26, 2014


After taking our time traveling down the coast and discovering great areas and kind people, we were ready to embark on our trip to Mexico. We celebrated Thanksgiving with “new” friends at their home. We stayed in Chula Vista for a week as we borrowed a car to provision as well as enjoying a great marina with a pool. We then moved the boat back up the bay to La Playa anchorage which is just a weekend stay. We have grown our flotilla to include about 6 boats, most from the NW and Canada. We had several weather planning meetings to decide “the date”, spent many days finishing last minute projects, internet and getting paperwork in order.

We left late afternoon with our Flotilla family as we literally sailed into the sunset with a full moon. By morning we sailed into Ensenada where we had a slip space at the Cruiseport Marina. It was a challenge to complete all the bureaucracy. Thankfully, we had help by the Marina staff who got us through quickly. Exhausted, we went back to the boat and napped. Our stay in Ensenada was quick, 2 nights and then onto Bahia Tortuga, 350nm south. This meant 2 nights at sea and 3 days. We all faired well and were ecstatic to  be there. It is a little outpost, not much other than a few meager stores, a few small motels and restaurants and Pemex for fuel. The days were spent perfecting beach landings, using the internet, and getting together with friends. After 5 days anchored, we left for Abreojos, about 100nm south en route to Magdalena Bay. This outpost mostly makes a living with the whale excursions as the whales travel to a small estuary where they give birth and wait until the babies can survive. 
 Part of our flotilla family, dubbed the "Umbrella Dumpers" at the Southwestern Yacht Club, San Diego.
Namaste under sail leaving San Diego heading to Ensenada. Photo by sv The Red Thread.

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