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Monday, December 14, 2015

Sophmore Year

     November 2015

After a few weeks of putting the boat back together, celebrating my 50th with a grand surprise party of my cruising family arranged by Journey and John, we finally were ready to leave San Carlos. We tucked “Matt” away at Totonaka RV Park where Joseph (the owner) and Jose (manager) have been so accommodating. 
We left around 0945 with some help managing the dock lines and motored out into the Sea. Although there was very little wind, we put on the iron genny for our crossing to Puerto Escondido on the Baja about 130nm. We would have preferred to stop at a few anchorages prior to PE, but a very windy weather front is coming in and we wanted to be tucked in for that. We will hit some of the places we are passing in the Spring when we come back north. 
So last year when we would do passages or crossings, Journey usually would make herself scarce. Typically she would barricade herself in her room, watch movies, read, and nibble on snacks. She was not fond of the passages and often she would be edgy and nervous.
This passage I see a more seasoned and mature young lady. She took over the helm while John and I were on deck shaking out some mainsail issues. She did this without hesitation or trepidation. She stayed up in the cockpit the entire day and on deck. She watched the beautiful sunset where I watched her take a bunch of selfies (it is quite funny to watch a teen take selfies) and we all screamed and leaned over the bow to watch the dolphins play in our bow wake as they welcomed us back into the Sea. We saw lazy sea lions waving their flippers at us (or flipping us off), we saw sea turtles float by us, and John saw a shark fin.
Since this is a 24 hour passage, non stop, we look for things to do. We played Boggle which my family hates to play with me and so I know they were desperately bored to suggest such a game. I am a bit of a word hound and win every time.  John and Journey played checkers and then we watched several episodes of 30 Rock and Grey’s Anatomy.
We ate well which is also unusual for us as we tend to eat very little on passages but this time we all had good appetites. 
The day was overcast which was nice since it kept the heat of the sun from blazing on us and night time came early-around 6ish with a moonless sky. The starts are robust without city lights and I love gazing out the cockpit to feel the breeze and look up at the stars.
We are buddy boating with sv Windsong. We find comfort when we do passages to have other boats to travel with-we do check ins on the VHF every 3 hours to say hi, check equipment, and to hear a friendly voice.
It is 1232 on November 10, 2015. Our speed in 6.7k, motor sailing with the main up, 10.6k of apparent wind and our arrival time is around 0800 to Puerto Escondido.

The highlight of this passage for me is having Journey be an integral part of our crew. She had a difficult year last year as she was separated by everything she is comfortable with; her home, friends, traditions, security and exchanged it for flexibility, uncertainty, and adventure. I am looking forward to our sophomore year cruising.

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  1. Sounds like you are getting the sea legs back! Hey, I will gladly play Boggle with you, we do not currently have it and I love it. Next time we see you look for a challenge from me (I may have to get it as I think we had one but it may be lost)!