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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The End of The Road

We are now at about 15,000 miles that we have travelled by RV and car since June. We admit that this has been one of our best summers ever! We love the RV lifestyle-it is so easy and we were able to cover so much ground and experience so much of the USA. It is a completely different experience that the boat. We were blessed to be able to experience both since they are so different. Our top 10 favorites of this summer in the RV:

1. Spending time with family and friends
2. Zion National Park
3. Hiking Angels Landing in Zion.
4. Bryce National Park
5. Lunar Eclipse over the Grand Canyon
6. Yellowstone National Park
7. Mt. Rushmore National Park
8. Crested Butte
9. Viewing wildlife in front us (Bears, Elk, Bison)
10. Learning the Geology/History of the areas we visited.

We are on the countdown until we return to San Carlos, MX to get the boat back in the water. We are looking forward to reconnecting with our cruising family that we miss so much.
                                                          Niagara Falls (Maid of the Mist)
                                                                         Jackson, WY (PC Journey)
                                                                       Yellowstone NP
                                                                     Canyon de Chelly (PC Journey)

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