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Monday, September 7, 2015

Class of 2019

September 7, 2015
Tomorrow Journey starts her freshman year of High School, class of 2019! We have gone from boat schooling to road schooling and will bounce back to boat schooling in another month or so. There are many people traveling in different capacities with their children and I am always intrigued to the choices they make regarding school.  Unschooling,  online curriculum, traditional curriculum, and do it yourself curriculum are just some of the choices available. There are plenty of "named brands" to be had for homeschooling such as Calvert, Keystone, Switched on Schoolhouse, and Time 4 Learning to name a few. We have used Calvert (Grades 2-6) and enjoyed most of it. It is traditional, classical education at home. Calvert sends a huge box of supplies including lesson manuals for the teacher. This felt good to me when we were on terra firma, working, and living a more traditional lifestyle.
When we left on our trip, we mostly unschooled for 8th grade and opted for more experiential learning. We did have Journey do math (Calvert) everyday, she picked out a science book which she read, she read many books and wrote in her journal. I wish she would have written more on her blog but some battles just went to bed. At the end of the year, she told us that she felt like she wanted more structure. Great-we loved the fact that she chose her learning style.
John and I tend to be type A people in many ways-education is one of them. We both have multiple college degrees and we are believers in education. Knowing that Journey would transition to high school on land so we wanted to make sure we had a curriculum that would meet/exceed a typical land based education. We reviewed many and found one that checked most the boxes for us as there is compromise in everything.
For us, online education is not an option due to internet connectivity is moderate to poor in the areas of Mexico that we travel. We wanted a curriculum that would take me out of the equation as teacher and foster independent learning. The curriculum we have is a cd based curriculum that auto corrects about 85% of her work (tests and quizzes). It provides a portal for the teacher so that monitoring can exist as well as provide rubrics to grade the other 15%.
With that said, we shall see how it goes!


  1. And so goes the story of the cruiser... "we shall see how it goes"... and don't forget to watch the weather - that will change any plans you might have made. We miss you and are happy that you're following the dream - with re-written episodes when needed.

  2. Hi guys. The kids on Ocelot ( were total self-learners, and very successful--both off at college now. Maybe worth contacting them for info.
    Also, here's a site you might enjoy--related to your road life.
    We miss you.